Community-Based Case Management for Youngstown, Ohio


Linking Communities to Better Health

Mental health rarely impacts just the individual who suffers from it.

Everyone has friends, family or acquaintances of some sort. Whether it’s their interaction with shopkeepers or the way they greet the mailman, people affect each other. When mental illness or challenges are involved, entire communities can suffer if their illnesses aren’t cared for.

Comprehensive Behavioral Health Associates Inc. dedicates itself to providing people with the service they need to get back to better mental and physical health. If that includes your town or community, we are more than happy to provide our services for civic opportunities.
Woman Talking to Counselor - Behavioral health in Youngstown, Ohio

What Can We Provide Your City?

Our four locations — based in Youngstown, Austintown, East Liverpool and Salem — provide eastern Ohio with a wide variety of mental health diagnostics and consultations.

We work with police departments to provide forensic input, schools to diagnose struggling students and families to identify group challenges. Our services range from individual treatments to group psychotherapy. We help to diagnose anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and various other disorders, including post-traumatic stress disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

We are ready and capable to adapt to any scope of mental health emergency.

The Impact of Community Case Management

Social workers do more than just fulfill societal quotas or ease paperwork for individuals dealing with challenges. They connect people in need with the services that can help them. Some populations lack the resources, time or knowledge to receive the aid they require.

To compensate, community-based case management helps. We work with communities to reach out to broken and hurting people and nurse them back to proper mental health. If your community needs these services, we’re more than happy to work with your people and help them get back into shape.

Learn More Today

When it comes to mental health, the most important people in the process are the people who need our help. Assist us in reaching them by working with us. We want to help alleviate the pain and struggles that people with mental illness endure.

Consult with us to learn more about our community efforts and projects.

Comprehensive Behavioral health assists in: housing, seeking employment, accessing community resources, filing for social security disability.

We offer a helping hand


Need Help? Let us lend a Helping Hand

  • Providing coping and Daily living skills
  • Financial Security
  • Food Banks and Give Away Locations
  • Help finding shelters
  • Finding and maintaining housing
  • Help monitoring symptoms and medications
  • Help with applications of any kind
  • Various community resources assistance


Rehabilitative and Environmental Support Activities

  • Assistance in achieving personal independence
  • Facilitation of furthering development of daily living skills
  • Coordination of the ISP
  • Coordination and/or assistance in crisis management and stabilization as needed
  • Symptom monitoring and medication monitoring
  • Mental Health interventions that assist the individual in eliminating barriers to seeking education and employment
  • Education and training specific to the individual’s assessed needs, abilities and readiness to comply.
  • Advocacy and outreach
  • Activities that increase the individual’s capacity to impact his/her own environment
  • Education