Mental Health Counseling Services in Youngstown, Ohio


Serving Eastern Ohio’s Mental Health Needs

When life has you on the ropes, you might not know who you can turn to. Even in the hardest of times, you can rely on the mental health professionals at Comprehensive Behavioral Health Associates Inc. We serve a number of communities throughout Eastern Ohio, helping people get back on their feet and ready to handle life.

Handling Life’s Hurdles With Assistance

Getting assistance may be a new experience for you. It can be hard to admit that you have challenges outside of your control, but recognizing your needs is the important first step toward recovery. We’re here to help you accept these aspects of your life and walk your life’s journey with you.
Happy Family - Behavioral health in Youngstown, Ohio

Psychiatric Counseling

Whatever your challenge or circumstance, you’ll want encouragement and coaching to get through it. Arrange a session with our counselors for personalized mental health treatments.

Family Medicine

You and your loved ones deserve the best in mental and physical treatments. That’s why we offer a comprehensive package of services to treat any health-related need.

Case Management

Getting a diagnosis for a mental health challenge is one thing, but learning to live with and manage it is another. Consider our line of assistance programs when formulating a lifestyle strategy.

Find the Mental Aid You Need

Learning about your mental illness may be the most impactful lesson of your life. Unlike a common cold or the seasonal flu, mental struggles aren’t just a matter of physical well-being. They can affect your personality, your outlook and your relationships.

Just because they’re challenging doesn’t mean that they’re unmanageable. Consult with a professional at one of our clinics based in Youngstown, Austintown, East Liverpool and Salem. You’re in good hands.
Family of Four - Behavioral health in Youngstown, Ohio