Mental Health Services


With Locations in Austintown, East Liverpool, Salem, & Youngstown, OH

You might be accustomed to getting sick and then getting better. There are definitive symptoms and reliable methods for recovery. The signs of the illness are clear and visible, and everyone recognizes them, especially yourself. Mental illnesses aren’t as easy to identify, which makes them all the harder to diagnose and treat.

Methods for Any Audience

Whether it’s an individual treatment or group psychotherapy, Comprehensive Behavioral Health Associates Inc. offers the diagnostic tools you need. We’ll figure out which issues are at work and provide precise strategies for treatment and recovery. We can deduce phobias and anxiety issues, stress management and post-traumatic stress disorder.
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Psychological Testing and Assessment

We serve much of the eastern half of Ohio. Our audience varies, but our methods for psychological testing and diagnoses remain reliable and accessible.

We offer diagnostic testing, developmental assessments for children and young adults, school testing and vocational assessments.

Regardless of your field or situation, our diagnostic tests provide crucial context for understanding your psychological health.

Get a Better Idea of Your Situation

Whether you’re making decisions about which career to get into, which field to study or just to figure out what underlying issues you might be dealing with, psychological testing can provide much-needed context. This information can make all the difference. Consult with us to learn more about your mental health situation.